Improve your ability, grace, confidence, presence as a woman and a dancer

The focus lies in the female body movement, styling and musicality.

By doing body isolation the awareness of our body is growing.

We work with choreographies and sequences which can be used in social dancing as well as in improvising when you are released from a dance partner during the song.

Due to its intensity, Ladies Styling class is a good addition or a replacement of a fitness class.
Recommended is to wear sporty/comfortable clothes.


 Timba / Cuban Salsa, Rumba, Son, Reggaeton, Afro, Bachata


Billie's Studio, Capistrangasse 10,
1st floor

TUESDAYS 18.45h / Start 27th of SEPTEMBER

Price & Duration

 3 months (4 units each month) = 12 units x 75 minutes  = 3 x 55 euro monthly or if you pay at once 160 euros 

 Additional 10% off if you are a member of one of any of our semester courses


Bookings no longer allowed on this date.